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Aviation Safety

Here at Avia Solutions Group we are dedicated to upholding the utmost safety standards across all facets of our operations. Whether it's providing assistance on the airport ramp, ensuring aircraft maintenance, or transporting your passengers to the chosen destination, safety remains our top priority.

Safety at Avia Solutions Group

Avia Solutions Group is the largest capacity provider in the world. This achievement is strongly supported by our unwavering commitment to safety, which consistently takes precedence for us.

We foster a healthy Safety Culture, where an atmosphere of trust and open reporting is a vital element of the organization. To achieve highest safety standards throughout the Group activities we are committed to a Just Culture approach, where our employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their performance and are not blamed for identifying any safety hazards or risks within their area of expertise.

Organisational & Safety Culture

Learning culture
"Just" culture
Informed culture
Reporting culture

Our Safety Management System

Safety of our clients, passengers, colleagues are continuously monitored and improved through established Safety Management System (SMS) - an all-encompassing approach we've adopted to precisely oversee safety risks and elevate our safety standards. Through this approach, our employees, clients and partners diligently identify potential safety hazards so we could assess associated risks, and proactively implement measures, fostering a safety-first culture across all facets of our operations.

Safety Management System
Safety Policy (Structure)
Risk Management
Safety Promotion
Safety Assurance

Operational Safety

Avia Solutions Group is committed to continuous enhancement of safety performance and the effectiveness of our compliance monitoring programs. Beyond routine audits conducted by competent authorities and our internal auditors, we uphold supplementary certifications to ensure utmost safety standards:

IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) - a global industry standard for airline operational safety auditing.

Our Air Operators are certified IATA members.

IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) - an industry program for the global oversight of ground handling service providers (GHSPs).

Our Ground Handling Service Providers are certified members.

Group Crisis Management

Avia Solutions Group is committed and prepared to deal with any unforeseen circumstance, however challenging it might be.

We have Emergency Response programs embedded throughout our organization to be able to respond to any form of the crisis as soon as practicable. We believe that “plan” is nothing, but planning is everything. Therefore, we carry out regular training, desktop exercises and drills regularly to make sure that our subsidiaries are always ready to support the wellbeing of our colleagues and customers.