Areas of expertise

Aircraft Leasing and Trading

A global provider of limitless aircraft leasing, trading and remarketing solutions.

Avia Solutions Group companies have compiled an impressive portfolio of global aircraft transactions, attracted investment from some of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions, and mediated significant agreements worldwide.

AviaAM Leasing is a global provider of aircraft leasing, trading, and remarketing solutions. Achievements in aircraft finance and commercial lease over the past decade have put the company among the TOP-50 leasing players in the market. Within the last 5 years, AviaAM Leasing has attracted over $2 billion in investment, executed more than 150 aircraft transactions, and successfully implemented over 50 conversion and recovery projects.

According to Aviation Finance, AviaAM Leasing is among the top-50 aircraft leasing companies in the world. The company has gained a strong reputation amongst global clients for its outstanding performance in used aircraft acquisition and technical preparation for new projects. With a footprint across 3 continents, AviaAM Leasing creates limitless opportunities for smooth cooperation on an array of client-specific requirements.

AviaAM Leasing Cyprus is the company’s dedicated aircraft leasing division, which provides aircraft leasing and aviation consulting services globally.

AviaAM Leasing UAE, the company‘s Middle East Hub is actively engaged in aircraft aqcuisitions, leasing, and sales ― with a strong emphasis on converted cargo aircraft. In 2020, the business evolved and entered the booming cargo aviation market by acquiring cargo aircraft and beginning passenger to freighter conversions.

AviaAM Leasing Ireland is an integrated aviation company delivering a full range of aircraft asset management services. The company provides a complete set of customized services and products over the course of a lease.

The expertise of AviaAM Financial Leasing China, combined with strong governmental support from the Henan province and Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Co. (HNCA), has created an encouraging and complimentary synergy, laying firm foundations as a trusted and reputable partner for airlines and financial institutions in the Asian market.

AviaAM Financial Leasing Hong Kong is a subsidiary of AviaAM Financial Leasing China based in Hong Kong, which specializes in new and used narrow-body aircraft leasing, trading, and management services.