Areas of expertise

Cargo Aviation

BBN Airlines Indonesia, SmartLynx Airlines, Magma Aviation, Arcus Air Logistic and Arcus OBC design and deliver bespoke air cargo solutions globally.

BBN Airlines Indonesia, SmartLynx Airlines, and Magma Aviation provide airfreight services, Arcus Air Logistic provides specialised air charter and Arcus OBC offers onboard courier services.

Avia Solutions Group’s companies operate scheduled as well as full charter, part charter and bespoke flying programs worldwide, provide wet lease service to integrators, charter brokers and other European cargo airlines, and offer other freight services.

SmartLynx Airlines is a charter and ACMI operator on Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft, offering cargo flights on their 10 A321F aircraft. The company provides flexible cargo transportation solutions, with safety as the principal paramount.

BBN Airlines Indonesia specializes in providing air freight cargo services, allowing clients to meet capacity challenges across the Southern Hemisphere. Operating from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, their comprehensive range of services provides reliable and efficient air transportation solutions to customers across Indonesia and beyond.

Magma Aviation commercially markets dedicated wide-body cargo aircraft capacity, contracted on an exclusive basis from third-party airlines.

Arcus Air Logistic provides cargo charter services for a variety of industries – automotive, aviation, oil and gas, electronics, pharmaceutical and other.

Arcus OBC offers hand carrier services for transportation of time-critical cargo or sensitive shipments worldwide. Experienced onboard couriers accompany time-critical shipments and provide exceptional care from pickup to delivery.

With a constantly growing overall fleet, Arcus Air Logistic, SmartLynx Airlines and Magma Aviation serve over 900 destinations worldwide.

In total, Avia Solutions Group cargo airlines carry around 600K tons of cargo every year.