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To underline the importance of future technologies and innovation for the aviation and aerospace industries, Digital Aero Technologies (DAT) was established by Avia Solutions Group to encompass a diverse spectrum of forward-facing aviation companies involved in multiple technology-driven aviation sectors.

Aviation is constantly being advanced by new technologies and innovative thinking. DAT will encapsulate future innovation in aviation; from on-demand learning and big-data analysis to sustainable transportation and the digitisation of the industry.

Companies under the stewardship of the international holding company, Digital Aero Technologies, are charged with providing forward-thinking innovative global aviation services and sharing solid aviation and technology expertise as well as cross-industry know-how. Independent developers at Digital Aero Technologies companies continually create and maintain smart software solutions, IT tools, and other process management products for MRO, ground handling, and flight training schools. Additionally, group companies offer smart online training, media and business solutions. The DAT companies’ portfolio consists of tech-focused businesses.

Ground-breaking innovation experts at Sensus AERO offer game-changing technologies and solutions for the aviation sector. The company’s products fall into two categories of ERP (enterprise resource planning) software for the management of individual aviation business lines: MRO and Ground Handling. According to clients, Sensus Aero products allow them to optimise processes, and increase efficiency by 70%, or even more. is one of the fastest-growing aircraft spare parts marketplaces in the world, with 12.1 billion aircraft parts in the company’s database for commercial and military aviation. Additionally, is a leading professional aviation IT solution company, that strives to bring innovative, efficient and creative tools for their customers, by providing a broad range of services developed by experienced specialists in partnership with various aviation companies.

NORDIC DINO is the world-leading manufacturer of exterior aircraft cleaning robots. NORDIC DINO's robots serve airlines and ground handlers worldwide, across both commercial and military sectors. Incorporating a highly advanced, computerised, and fully self-contained system, NORDIC DINO ensures a safe and efficient exterior aircraft cleaning process. For almost 40 years, the company has been offering services allowing clients to cut costs by reducing fuel consumption, optimising processes that cut on-ground and maintenance time, facilitating the automation of operations, along with helping reduce environmental impact via smart resource usage, while leveraging new technologies. e-learning platform merges modern technologies and the best of human experience to create a learning environment tailored exactly to the student’s needs. The company is focused on offering the next generation of online training courses for mechanics, engineers, aviation managers, executives, and pilots. Combining carefully constructed training courses with the latest technological advances, along with the real-time experience of true aviation professionals, is disrupting the landscape of aviation training in a completely modern and innovative manner.

EVMOTORS.EU is an online marketplace that allows ecologically conscious consumers to test and purchase modern electric vehicles in the whole EU. The convenient and easy-to-use platform invites people to register for test drives with SERES electric vehicles and, once they decide to get one themselves, place an order.

AeroTime is a global, multi-channel digital and professional hub delivering breaking news and analysis, content marketing and advisory services.

In 2020, AeroTime launched a unique digital project, Digital Week – the largest dedicated online aviation event attracting over 55 000 livestreams in five days. The conference was the first in the industry to incorporate a concrete online networking platform that welcomed 250 leading aviation executives within the framework of AIR Connections.

At the same time, other Avia Solutions Group’s tech-savvy companies look for more ways to introduce innovation and positive change to the aviation technology sector. Amber AI technology facilitates streamlining workflow for aircraft parts procurement, while our FL Technics BAY intelligent process management system enables clients to take full control of MRO with A/C project monitoring.

MOMook is an intelligent business and training management system tailored for aviation training centres and airlines. It is a modern smart software solution that allows companies to improve their day-to-day processes and solve their management and operational issues in a single environment. MOMook is an easy-to-use flexible tool used for scheduling, document tracking, reports, student progress, maintenance, and repair operations, etc., that can be used as both web-based as well as on-premises software. is one of the largest aviation job boards in the world, doubling the market reach every year and still growing. The company’s mission is to help airlines and aviation professionals to get together and they have already earned recognition among lots of aviation specialists and recruiters from all over the world.