Areas of expertise

Railway Freight Transport

BGS Rail operates a rolling stock fleet of over 1 000 general-purpose open-top wagons for the transport of goods.

A strategic business development project for integrated railways solutions in Ukraine.

BGS Rail offers integrated railways solutions for freight, maintenance, support, and infrastructure.

BGS Rail operates a fleet of over 1 000 wagons (with 10 000 more under management in cooperation with HNCA) for transporting goods including but not limited to coal, ores, rubble, rolled metal products, and lumber.

BGS Rail is set to expand operations by 2023 and diversify its range of services in these key railway segments:

Maintenance and production services

•             Depot-level repairs and comprehensive modernization of railcars
•             Maintenance and current repairs of locomotives
•             Manufacturing and supply of spare parts
•             Assembly of open wagons

Sales operations

•             Sale and lease of freight stock and locomotives
•             Rent of open, grain and other wagons
•             Sourcing and sale of assets and track structure materials

Infrastructure development and support

•             Logistics and expedition projects
•             Railway engineering and construction
•             IT solutions and support
•             Outsourcing and management projects