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Aviation Media and Events

More than 600 000 readers enjoy a daily feed of the latest aviation news from AeroTime Hub, and over 2 000 industry leaders meet and network every year at AIR Convention global commercial aviation conferences.

Our interactive news platform and global industry events help keep the pulse of the dynamic aviation industry.

AeroTime Hub is a global multi-channel aviation digital hub paving the way forward for people-oriented aviation media and business solutions by combining world-class breaking news, aviation intelligence, recruitment events, and solutions. In 2019, AeroTime Hub exceeded 850 000 monthly sessions and expanded its functionality to provide a more personalized experience for visitors.

AIR Convention conferences attract over 2 000 aviation professionals a year from the world’s leading airlines, training schools, airports, OEM’s, MRO’s, spare parts suppliers, engine manufacturers, and other sectors to discuss upcoming game-changers, significant developments, and progressive solutions. Originally a conference, exhibition and awards, AIR Convention now also offers informal networking events that are known as the best in the aviation business.