Areas of expertise

Real Estate Management

Investing in sustainable real estate projects and managing over 244 255 sq. m of property.

Avia Solutions Group invests in and manages long-term and viably sustainable real estate projects and property.

For many years, Avia Solutions Group has been utilising their extensive resources and knowledge base to wisely invest in attractive real estate projects that display significant developmental potential. Across a broad spectrum of assets, including aircraft hangars, ground handling facilities and other airport infrastructure, hotels offices, commercial buildings and arenas, the group is proud to showcase their widely diverse real estate portfolio.

Avia Solutions Group manages over 244 255 sq. m of various property in UK, Latvia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Spain, France, Indonesia and Vietnam. Group companies own 72 500 sq. m of industrial purpose buildings, around 42 500 sq. m administrative buildings and more than 22 455 sq. m of hotel, catering and entertainment hosting purpose buildings.

Avia Solutions Group invests in long-term and sustainable real estate projects across multiple horizons. The company manages a number of prestigious properties in various cities across the region and operates with a primary focus on diversification, along with unique modern projects demonstrating insightful development potential.

Among its flagships is theTwinsbet arena – the first international-standard multi-purpose arena in the Republic of Lithuania, which acts as host to a diverse catalogue of major entertainment, sporting, and business events.

Avia Solutions Group not only manages but also develops property projects. Currently, there are over 102 000 sq. m of property being developed all around variuos countries. The group coordinates all development activities, converting ideas from paper to real property - from plans to construction, to amenities, to welfare. Avia Solutions Group focuses on developing modern, unique and sustainable property projects.