Areas of expertise

Charter Broker

World’s leading aircraft charter and aviation support companies, with a proven reputation for innovation, expertise and professionalism.

Chapman Freeborn Group provides aircraft charter and aviation support, Arcus Air Logistic offer ad-hoc air cargo charter, Arcus OBC provides onboard courier services, while Skyllence is an expert in the field of private jet sourcing.

Since their very first air charter assignment in 1973, Chapman Freeborn has worked tirelessly to establish and maintain their reputation as the world’s foremost aircraft charter service organisation. The company has built beneficial relationships with airlines, airports, handling agents, freight forwarders, control authorities, and other related agencies. That enables them to facilitate cargo and passenger air charter operations of all kinds – from an emergency relief airlift to a corporate roadshow – in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Chapman Freeborn also delivers around the clock flight support on a global basis. It provides appropriate permissions and regularly arranges civil and diplomatic overflight as well as landing clearances, airport slots, and offers CFMU slot management, flight planning, fuelling, ground handling, catering services, and hotel reservations.

Intradco Global combines 35 years of animal transport experience with unrivalled global coverage, making it a market leader for equine, livestock and conservation project shipments.

Skyllence - a trustworthy partner for global charter services and expert in the field of private jet sourcing for discerning clients and first-time buyers. Company’s business model is powered by the flexibility to cater to every passenger and commitment to revealing new opportunities while helping clients find the right solution in every situation.

Arcus Air Logistic offers ad-hoc air cargo charter services for a variety of industries – automotive, aviation, oil and gas, electronics, pharmaceutical and other. With over 50 years of expertise in automotive logistics, Arcus Air Logistic has developed a global network of industry leading experts that strive to exceed client expectations.

Arcus OBC provides onboard courier services for transportation of time-critical cargo or sensitive shipments worldwide. Experienced couriers accompany time-critical shipments and provide exceptional care from pickup to delivery.