Areas of expertise

Aviation Training and Personnel Resourcing

ATO-certified BAA Training offers trainings for more than 15 types of aircraft and access to over 80 full-flight simulators across 30 locations on 4 continents, while AeroTime Recruitment helps aviation specialists and companies find each other.

Our solutions provide businesses with the most efficient tools for talent search, development and recruitment.

Avia Solutions Group companies provide quality training, resourcing, recruitment and related services for pilots, crews and engineers. In doing so, BAA Training, BGS, FL Technics Training and AeroTime Recruitment partner with industry giants, including Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airlines, flydubai, Asiana Airlines, Aeroflot and others.

600 000 aviation specialists visit the AeroTime Recruitment jobs portal each month, scouring the 2 000+ job ads in hopes of finding a new career stop. At the same time, BAA Training ensures a pilot and crew pipeline for well-known airlines, training over 1 000 of pilots every year. There are more than 80 Full Flight Simulators (FFS) in the company’s network, and its specialists provide training of 15 different types.