Investor Relations


We are always looking for new business opportunities and partnerships around the globe to create value together.

Areas of interest.

We are interested in expanding our network of partner companies and operating locations through M&A (full or partial acquisition), franchise arrangements, or other forms of cooperation.

Our focus

Primarily we seek companies operating in the aviation training, flight services and ground handling, and MRO sectors. Of special interest are the fields of engineering, technical training, and line maintenance.

Criteria for consideration:
Aircraft types
Serviced aircraft types: Boeing, Airbus, CRJ, Challenger, Bombardier, Hawker, Airbus helicopters, Bell, Robinson, and AugustaWestland
Business relationships
Developed business relationships: top-tier aviation companies as loyal clients
Fixed assets
Relatively low level of fixed assets, a light balance sheet
FAA, EASA, and other jurisdiction licenses in engineering design (Part 21J) and production (Part 21G); maintenance (Part 145); and/or technical training (Part 147). Licensed Ground Handling operators at established airports
Operations in established markets
Revenue of USD 10-50 million
Well established base of highly qualified aviation engineers and certifying staff
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We are always looking for new potential partners.

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