The Group

Culture and Work Environment

Here at Avia Solutions Group we are dedicated to upholding the utmost safety standards across all facets of our operations. Whether it's providing assistance on the airport ramp, ensuring aircraft maintenance, or transporting your passengers to the chosen destination, safety remains our top priority.

Mental Health

Our approach encompasses comprehensive care, including both mental and emotional health. Through a diverse array of programs, we provide our team with the tools they need to train their mind like they might train their body. Innovate initiatives such as our Mental Gym App, which establishes a safe space to train emotional muscles, are based on data and help to predict and prevent emotional imbalance. The app also offers resources such as psychological consultation, which is provided to employees on an individual basis. Furthermore, we organize group-oriented psychological training sessions periodically and give employees the opportunity to join remote classes from different countries. Augmenting this initiative is our commitment to measuring employee engagement through consistent surveys, fostering a culture of constant improvement.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive childcare support, empowering our employees to enjoy a harmonious work-life balance. Our dedication to this balance is evident through the provision of an on-site kids' day care center, facilitated by experienced educators.

Mental Health - A New Normal at Work: Avia Solutions Group Experience

Employee benefits and well-being

Offering an array of benefits and perks to employees serves as a catalyst for attracting new talent while concurrently sustaining high levels of engagement and motivation among our existing workforce. We strive to implement beneficial programs with the aim of building a flexible and relaxed working environment. Our group companies offer a wide range of localized benefits by implementing various strategies and practices. This strategy aims to attract, retain, and engage employees while supporting their overall well-being and job satisfaction.

We also have wellbeing initiatives such as Annual Health Insurance, granting employees access to optimal medical coverage. Among others, our workcation policy, additional vacation days for length of employment, birthday presents and celebrations, and pet-friendly office environment collectively demonstrate our holistic approach to supporting diverse aspects of our employees' lives.

We are constantly working on engagement research action plans. Our benefit app facilitates the management of employee benefits by having all of the relevant information in one place. In addition to this, we also offer flexibility through a hybrid remote working model.