The Group


The success of our business depends on the success of our people.

Building a long-term partnership with employees.

We believe in long-term partnerships with employees – we are an aviation family and we will walk the extra mile to provide the help needed to unlock potential growth, unleash talents, and achieve goals together.

We have various training programs aimed at developing professionals armed with the ability to sustain consistent business growth as well as progress in their careers.

Every year we welcome around 100 students for internships within our group. Depending on the area of their studies, these students learn the everyday ins and outs of running our organization, become familiarized with highly sophisticated equipment, and pick up skills from industry-leading specialists.

Sharing knowledge and experience with society

In addition to investing in the development of our people, we share our knowledge and experience with both those in our industry and scholars, in turn, raising awareness for aviation and related businesses.

Investing in education and raising awareness
  • We help advance the pilot profession and the aviation sector in general. We organize excursions for children and students which gives them the possibility to try full flight simulators and see aircraft maintenance in our hangars. We believe that future generations must become better acquainted with the aviation industry and grow to respect aviation-related professions.
  • We invest money in preparing the next generation of aviation mechanics to better the future of both regional and global aviation. We accomplish this through base maintenance courses designed to provide all of the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain an Aircraft Technical Maintenance Specialist license. All practical training sessions are conducted in spacious, state-of-the-art 14 000 and 8 000 m ² hangars in Vilnius and Kaunas. We guarantee positions in the fastest-growing aircraft maintenance and support company FL Technics as soon as the program is completed.
  • We arrange international and national open door days for students.
  • Every year we participate in the exhibition ‘Self-Education. Studies. Career’ and in ‘Career Days’ arranged by the universities of Lithuania.
  • In 2015, Avia Solutions Group and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University agreed to cooperate in the development and implementation of aviation training related projects. Under the agreement, VGTU supports Avia Solutions Group in finding young talent while the Group provides various opportunities for VGTU students to acquire practical experience in the form of an internship.
  • In 2017, Avia Solutions Group provided support for Vilnius Gediminas Technical University’s project Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Alumni: 100 Prospects.
Lectures, presentations and studies by Gediminas Ziemelis, Chairman of the Board at Avia Solutions Group
  • A lecture at Kazimieras Simonavičius University on “Open European Airspace, Legal Regulation, and Market Trends”.
  • A statement at the business conference “Business 2018” on “Only by Employing Foreigners Can We Expect Pay Raises for Lithuanians”.
  • Delivered a presentatation at the Lithuanian Employers Confederation congress. Topic: Perspective of Lithuanian Economy: is it time to call urgent help?
  • Delivered a presentation at the Alternative Investment Forum. Topic: Aviation: The gates to a trillion USD investment opportunity in Asia.
  • Delivered a presentation on a business management conference Verslo Valdymas 2016, organized by the leading business media outlet of Lithuania. Topic: When your business horizons is the world or how to sell “cepelinai” abroad.
  • Collaborated (co-authored) a corporate publication for aviation companies. The topic: ‘AviaAM Leasing: Aircraft Global Market 2009-2028’.
  • Delivered a lecture to the CEOs of holding companies. The topic: ‘Company Goes Public, Raising Public Capital, Managing Obligations to Public Investors’.
  • Collaborated (co-authored) a feasibility study and financial model. The topic: ‘Start up Carrier in 3A Kazakhstan Hub System’.
  • Outlined the annual report for the Lithuanian and foreign employees of Avia Solutions Group’s group of companies. The topic: ‘How has the Global Financial Crisis affected the Aviation Sector and what are the Major Challenges to Expect for 2010-2015?’.
  • Collaborated (co-authored) a feasibility study and a strategic plan concerning airport management. The topic: ‘Ways to Implement a Commercially Functional Private Passenger Terminal at Vilnius International Airport’.
  • Took part as a speaker at the conference ‘Business Value after the Golden Age. What’s Next: Dark Horizons or Bright Periods?’ Organized by the newspaper ‘Verslo Zinios’. The topic: ‘Economic Cycles and Tendencies. What to expect? Why?’.
  • Delivered a speech at the annual conference ‘Breaking Point’ (‘Luzio Taskas’) organized by Baltijos Konferencijos. The topic: ‘The Best Ways for Vilnius to Become the Axis of Transit in the Baltic Region’.
  • Delivered a lecture to students at the Faculty of Business Management of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University whereby he shared his knowledge about the subtleties of doing business. The topic: ‘How did I Earn my First Million?’.
  • Took part as a guest speaker on a training program for employees in the travel and tourism sector. The topic: ‘Business and Leisure Travelling in the Eyes of an Executive. What are the Business Requirements for the Provider and its Employees?’.