The Group


We contribute to the development of a robust, sustainable and harmonious society

We see our support of communities as one of key building blocks of the society.

We believe the foundation of a prosperous and sustainable society is children. A sustainable, harmonious society is the one which supports and backs up all its members, particularly the less fortunate.

We direct our support to those who need it most, and who can be an example and a source of inspiration for everyone: unfortunate, ill children, and athletes.

Their strength, perseverance, the ability to stand up and go forward despite blows, failures, must be seen as an example for the whole society, and first and foremost – for the children as they create the future.

Creating social welfare together

Charities, schools, sports clubs, athletes and non-profit organizations are significant contributors to the welfare of our society. They provide children with care, create opportunities, show good examples and help them finding and developing their talents.

We share our success with NGOs that contribute to the well-being of children and the strengthening of society through donations and sponsorships.

Our most notable support projects and initiatives over the years of successful business
  • Gediminas Ziemelis, Chairman of the Board at Avia Solutions Group, provided support for Rimantas Kaukėnas Charitable Foundation which is one of the most notable charity found.
  • Gediminas Ziemelis, Chairman of the Board at Avia Solutions Group, was a general sponsor of the National Basketball Cup tournament.
  • Avia Solutions Group was the main sponsor of Euroleague’s Final Four participant BC Zalgiris during the 2017-2018. Group provided the team with a unique 56 business seats Boeing VIP charter for all their away-game flights.
  • Avia Solutions Group once again joined Rimantas Kaukėnas Charitable Foundation in promoting the charitable cause – helping children fight against cancer. During Vilnius Marathon, everyone willing to support children could donate by either buying merchandise or by putting a personal donation into the donation box.
  •, Avia Solutions Group's company, provided financial support to multiple champions of Lithuanian and European boxing, as well as the 2012 Olympics bronze medal winner Evaldas Petrauskas.
  • Avia Solutions Group supported for Rimantas Kaukėnas Charitable Foundation, raising support and awareness to children’s fight against cancer during the Danske Bank Vilnius marathon in 2014.
  • FL Technics, Avia Solutions Group's company, supported the Palanga 1000 km car race.
  • Avia Solutions Group teamed with Rimantas Kaukenas’ Charitable Foundation to participate in the Vilnius Marathon as part of the ‘Outrun Cancer’ team, which dedicated its run to children fighting cancer. All funds raised were transferred to the respective organizations.
  • Avia Solutions Group cooperated with for Rimantas Kaukėnas Charitable Foundation to provide financial support to establish a modern office for physiotherapy for the Kaunas Children’s Oncology Clinic.
  • The Chairman of Avia Solutions Group Gediminas Ziemelis supported charitable foundation ‘Kaimo Vaikai’ (‘The Village Children’).
  • The Chairman of Avia Solutions Group Gediminas Ziemelis supports the Vilkaviskis ‘Ausros’ gymnasium (Lithuania), ‘Full House Community’ (Lithuania), charitable fund ‘Jiezno Vaikai’ (‘The Children of Jieznas’), and Jieznas Children‘s Home. (Lithuania), foundation ‘Fundacja Mimo Wszystko’ (Poland).
We support a variety of other community activities:
  • The Chairman of Avia Solutions Group Gediminas Ziemelis supports the basketball club ‘Vanagai BC’ (Lithuania)
  • The Chairman of Avia Solutions Group Gediminas Ziemelis supports the football club ‘Ekranas’ (Lithuania)
  • The Chairman of Avia Solutions Group Gediminas Ziemelis cooperates with the Wroclaw basketball club ‘Slask’ (Poland)
  • The group supports the Migration Information and Communication Platform developed by the Lithuanian Social Research Centre (LSTC)