Areas of expertise

Aviation IT Solutions

The group has been developing highly efficient, state-of-the-art solutions that keep Avia Solutions Group companies ahead of the competition for over 15 years.

Our smart software, IT tools, MRO, ground handling, and flight training schools enable effective process management.

Independent developers at the group companies and Sensus Aero continually create and maintain smart software, IT tools and other process management products for MRO, ground handling and flight training schools.

Amber AI technology lets us streamline workflow for aircraft parts procurement, while our FL Technics BAY intelligent process management system lets clients take full control of MRO with A/C project monitoring.

Meanwhile, innovation experts at Sensus Aero offer technologies that have become game-changers in operations management solutions for airports, fueling, ground handling and MRO. Our clients report that Sensus Aero products allow them to optimize processes and increase efficiency by 70% or more. is one of the fastest growing aircraft spare parts marketplaces in the world. In handling over 100 000 RFQs per month and with 8.2 billion parts supplied, the company is considered the No. 1 aircraft parts marketplace in the Eastern hemisphere.

SimHelp provides 24/7 support and reliable know-how in engineering, technology and the aviation industry. The company offers the services and solutions necessary to run an aviation training business and makes sure that flight simulators are kept in top technical condition. SimHelp supplies spare parts and training equipment and provides repair and maintenance services.

MOMook is an intelligent business and training management system designed specifically for aviation training centers and airlines. This is smart software for organizing the entire training system, managing your resources and day-to-day issues in a single one environment, and becoming a paperless organization.