Areas of expertise

Tour Operators and Hotels

Boasting a net promoter score of more than 77, Kidy Tour has ties with major accommodation and leisure groups at renowned resorts in Turkey and Egypt.

Our trusted tour operator, with a 4-star hotel in Vilnius and more than 10 years of experience in tourism.

Anyone working in the aviation industry will confirm that travelling the globe is an essential part of the job. From business trips to family holidays at the most popular resorts in Turkey and Egypt, the Avia Solutions Group companies Kidy Tour and Loop Hotel ensure convenient travel and accommodation.

Kidy Tour has become one of the three key players in the Lithuanian travel market in just two years of operations and is currently one of the major tour operators in the Baltics. Over 50 000 tourists and vacationers have chosen the company’s services. Meanwhile, Loop Hotels by the airports in Vilnius and Riga ensure efficient accommodation for business travelers.