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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equal opportunities and an environment totally devoid of discriminatory practices is the approach that Avia Solutions Group is firmly committed to ensuring for all its employees. We seek to ensure the psychological safety of all employees within the work environment.


With 11,500 employees worldwide, inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities are paramount to our progressive nature as a global business. We pride ourselves on our zero-discrimination work conduct policy and our recruitment process is based solely on a person’s suitability for a role through their individual characteristics, education, and work experience. Our teams are given equal working conditions, while there is an opportunity for everyone across the group to upskill through qualifications, training, and career progression. Remuneration and benefits are consummate with each employee’s position and skills, completely detached from their gender, race, nationality, language, origin, social status, beliefs, age, sexual orientation, disability status, ethnicity, and religion.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion through leadership training

Inclusion within leadership training is a crucial aspect of developing effective and ethical leaders who can create diverse and inclusive environments within their organizations. Inclusive leadership training aims to equip leaders with the skills and mindset to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace and beyond. Here at Avia Solution Group, we have an Internal Leadership Academy for new and experienced leaders to refresh their skills and knowledge. This training encompasses the principles of:

Understanding unconscious bias & Inclusive decision-making
Cultural competence
Empathy & active listening
Accountability & measuring progress
Talent management & recruitment
Conflict resolution & fostering collaboration

Our Global Presence

With over 100 offices and production sites located across 68 of the world’s countries, Avia Solutions Group’s 11,500 staff operate on every major continent.